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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 12, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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i agreed with you finally. thank you very much at home watching every night 6:00 p.m. if you can't catch us, dvr the show. you don't want to miss a moment. you do not want to miss a moment of lou dobbs next, he has presidential candidate donald trump right now. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. hillary clinton has been spinning her e-mail scandal for months now, and now she seems to have spun herself into a spiral from which she may not recover. as the justice department takes possession of her private e-mail server, she insists she did not send or receive communications that were classified at the time, as she put it. and for the first time mrs. clinton is not the front-runner in any primary or caucus state. the latest, she's now running behind senator bernie sanders in new hampshire. but the republican front-runner remains unchanged. donald trump leading in the polls, and he's heading next to
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new hampshire, working to turn those poll numbers into votes. donald trump, our special guest this evening. he joins us in moments. we've got a lot to talk about. conservative commentator and best-selling author ann coulter joins us as well. we'll be talking about the 2016 presidential race, her thoughts on hillary clinton, clinton's fate and my interview with donald trump. we take up all the issues, and tonight the top brass at the epa is finally headed to the scene of an environmental disaster that the epa created. it took gina mccarthy a week to act. the epa says it's unsure what happened exactly or how to fix it. and tom brady facing off against roger goodell and federal court. it turns out the judge likes facts. precise language and reason. did the judge just tilt the case toward brady? we'll find out. our top story tonight, new calls in congress for a full criminal investigation of
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hillary clinton and her e-mail server. powerful house judiciary committee member darrell issa saying the only way forward is a criminal investigation. the fbi now has her server and three thumb drives containing tens of thousands of e-mails, some of which it turns out are top secret. the inspector general for the intelligence community has also asked the state department to turn over those 30,000 e-mails so it can conduct an independent review of their content. the state department is refusing to cooperate with the request. it says it needs more time to go through the e-mails. a state department spokesman today defended their actions and the clintons. >> where we're at in this right now, this process, we're working with the direct offer national intelligence to resolve whether, in fact this material is actually classified. it's also important to emphasize that these e-mails were not marked as classified
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at the time they were sent. lou: that remains very much in dispute. sources tell fox news that the director of national intelligence, james clapper, is so concerned about the state department's refusal to turn over those e-mails, it's continued stonewalling that he's ready to personally step in if the stonewalling goes on. my first guest is leading the polls out of iowa and new hampshire. joining us on the phone, donald trump, the billionaire real estate mogul, republican presidential candidate and the front-runner in the 2016 race. donald, good to have you with us. let's turn first to the polls. these polls showing you in the lead but weakening somewhat. your reaction to them? >> well, i think they're really good. i wasn't leading in iowa a month ago, and now i'm leading, and that was an honor because i've gotten actually up in iowa. i was at 10 and now at 17. and in new hampshire doing great from day one.
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we've been doing great there. there's some people that are sort of coming up a little bit behind, but i think the relationship i have in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, even nationwide, i mean the nationwide polls have been incredible. we're very happy and your friendly competitor, cnn, the place you know very well came out with one today where i was at 22 in iowa and leading by a very wide margin. i'm honored by the polls, lou, i must tell you. lou: i think you have actually shown a lot of skeptics exactly who you are and what you're capable of. i also want to turn to a number of policy statements you've made, and as of today, china with its second devaluation in two days, you said that the actions of china and the people's bank of china here are devastating american workers. expand on that thought, if you would? >> well, the currency devaluation that china's been
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playing this game for a long time, and we've never had a president or politician or group understand thats what they're doing. they're brilliant people that know there has never been, and you know this very well from years of covering this kind of stuff, there's never been anybody that devalued better than china. what they're doing, they're a major abuser of this country. what they've done is the biggest devaluation they've had in two decades, which is hard to believe. they're doing it because they feel obama is not watching the ship, incompetent, for whatever reason they did it. and people were shocked at the size of it. what it means they're going to take more jobs and more money out of united states, it's as simple as that. it's impossible for the united states companies, for companies within the united states to compete with this kind of currency devaluation, and it's a serious problem, and we do nothing about it. lou: we do nothing about it, as you say, and president obama, his treasury secretary, the federal reserve, actually none
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of them willing to say this is direct intervention by the chinese government and the currency marketplace, and that it is manipulation of the yuan, their currency. that goes back to, as you know, president george w. bush, who was also. >> it's true. lou: extremely reluctant to even raise a moment's caution with the chinese. the middle class in this country gets scant attention by the republican party, the republican party in too many homes across this country is considered to be the party of big business and to have sold out basically to the business roundtable and the middle class. you're talking about families, you're talking about our middle class. that is almost an anti-establishment posture to take. are you going to carry that theme throughout your entire campaign? >> well, to me it's very important. i don't worry so much about the rich guys. you know many of the rich guys, they're doing just fine, and
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frankly they are doing maybe better than they should be doing. they get lucky and pick a stock and make tens of millions of dollars, if they happen to be running a hedge fund. it's middle class absolutely getting -- in a certain way we're losing the middle class, we were built on the middle class as a country, and i will bring that back and bring it back roaring back. we have to give incentives. we have to bring jobs back. jobs are going to china, to mexico. i was in los angeles two weeks ago, i looked at the massive ships, lou, coming into los angeles, and the number of cars coming in from japan, it's staggering to see these boats. i've never seen anything like it, and pouring off the boats, the ships. we have to make the cars here. mexico's building right now, building ford, a $2.5 billion car plant, manufacturing plant in mexico. i want them built here. it doesn't help us.
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i went to the wharton school of finance, i can tell you it doesn't help us. they don't pay tax, they make the cars, bring them over the border. we get nothing out of it except closed factories and closed manufacturing plants. so we're going to change that around, i will tell you. one of the people you respect is carl icahn, i'm going to have dinner with him right now. he wants to get involved. you know if i say carl, you take china, you take maybe china and japan, we can sit back and watch, we'll be just fine. you understand. lou: a formidable, and i have to tell you, i wouldn't mind imagining that conversation what it would sound like. >> that would be a beauty. we could make a movie out of that one. lou: turning to foreign policy, the islamic state. this is a president who said he would degrade and destroy the islamic state. now there are handful of sorties being carried out, newly established relations
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with turkey permitting us to go fly from their bases. what would a donald trump presidency do about the islamic state? where would you come down on russia and its current aggressive posture, particularly in eastern europe? >> as far as isis is concerned, i would hit them so hard at their source of wealth, which is largely the oil. they get money from saudi arabia, from iran, from all over the place, a major source of wealth is the oil. i would hit that oil so hard. and you know the exxon focus and know the guys that can rebuild it quickly. unbelievable. i've seen this happen. i would hit them at the wealth. you would see them start to wither. as far as, and i would do it fast and hard. and as you know, i was never in favor of going in, i told you years ago, going into iraq was a huge mistake because you're going to destabilize the whole middle east. i'm the only one.
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they have major articles in 2004 in reuters, in fact, july of 2004, and i'm only one that's running that is of this. you see bush made the big mistake, he didn't know whether it was a good thing or bad thing, took him five days to work it out. as far as the ukraine and all, it's at a point, we have to rebuild our own country. if germany and the people and the folks from europe aren't going to take a more active role, why are we leading every charge whether it's ukraine or whether -- everything we do, iraq, who's taking it, we spent all of that money? china is taking much of the oil out of iraq. they didn't spend ten cents, we spent trillions of dollars, thousands of lives, wounded warriors whom i love and china takes the oil out of there. incredible. same thing with afghanistan, china on the other side of the mountain, you have china taking the minerals out. we spent fortunes and lives and everything else.
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with the ukraine, we're leading the charge. we're always leading the charge. why isn't germany? we'll be with them. you know the old expression, go ahead, we'll be right behind you. let them. they're affected by this much more so than we are. why aren't they taking the lead instead of us? we're run by people that don't know what they're doing. lou: and on the issue of illegal immigration, you've been very straightforward, you want to build a wall, and i maybe not quoting you precisely, a big glorious door in the middle of it, which i inferred is a metaphor you would bring people into the country but on terms of the country. >> legally. lou: right. there are a host of issues about which there are some curiosity about where you really stand, so-called wedge issues, social issues. i'd like to go through four of them very quickly. let's start with obamacare, repeal it? amend it? fix it?
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>> no, no, repeal it, replace it with something so much better. there are so many ideas that are so much better. obamacare is going to be the death of the country. it doesn't kick in, you know this, most people don't. it doesn't kick in until 16 and obama is probably going to be playing at doral at that time, playing golf at doral and whoever is president is going to have one hell of a time. number one it's too expensive. the premiums are going up through the roof. you look at what's going on with the premiums, raising 45, 50 and 60%. so it doesn't work, it's too expensive for both sides, and we have to change it, so i want to repeal and replace it and we'll do it with something great. have to take down the artificial lines, get competition going, it can be a great form of insurance and much less money. lou: and broadly the issue of abortion, a more specifically planned parenthood, as you know, some controversy and kerfuffle around the way in which you articulated your
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position. clearly, on planned parenthood, your view? >> totally against as long as they have abortion. if it's an abortion clinic in any way, shape, or form, i'm against. i'm pro-life. i'm against it. if that can be separated out and i mean literally, i would not give as long as they're doing abortions. they do other work which is helpful in terms of women's health issues. that's good stuff. problem is i will not be able at all to get over the issue of planned parenthood as long as they're providing abortions and that's what they're doing, and doing it pretty readily and it's not good. i would absolutely defund. they have to get over that issue, that's a big problem. lou: gay marriage? >> gay marriage? well, i wanted to see the states decide and i wanted strongly to see that. and the court so ruled. and if something can happen, most people continuing can't at this point, but i would have loved to see the states make
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the decision, lou, and let it be that way. the court took it all the way and came down with a decision. if anything can happen, i'm all for it, right now the decision is made. lou: and the second amendment, gun control? >> totally in favor of second amendment. i am a big second amendment person and i've gotten great marks. my sons are members of the nra, my sons have been there for years, great shots, great marksmen and big believers. i'm a big believer in the second amendment. lou: well, donald trump, always good to talk with you, and appreciate your time. come back soon as we try to better understand your policies and positions. we enjoy talking with you. i hope the same can be said from your side. >> i love your show and watch it all the time and appreciate it, lou. i know you've been very nice to me and even if i'm wrong on something, you've been nice, that's even better, right? lou: i'm the nicest guy you're going to see on television.
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>> you're a great guy, and i appreciate it, lou. lou: donald trump, good to talk with. >> you thank you. lou: much more ahead, stay with us, coming right back, dimension ann coulter? she's going to be here as well. she's nice, too. best-selling author and conservative comment air ann coulter talking about donald trump. hillary clinton, her legal problems and coronation that is all questionable. all of that next. and a series of powerful explosions outside beijing. hundreds injured. incredible video of those massive, extraordinary explosions. this story coming up next. stay with us.
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get excited for the 1989 world tour with exclusive behind the scenes footage, all of taylor swift's music videos, interviews, and more. xfinity is the destination for all things taylor swift. . lou: just had a great conversation with donald trump, talking about many of the issues that are important to him, and political commentator and syndicated columnist ann coulter is joining us later in the broadcast. i thought i'd bring her up to just give us her reaction, her latest book by the way, in case you thought i was going to forget, "adios, america" good to have you, ann coulter, what do you think about donald trump and his position says in. >> i think he's fantastic.
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it took you a while to get to the seminal issue of our day, immigration. i noticed in his interview last night on hannity, a few nitpickers afterwards making the point that how planned parenthood. lou: the nitpickers who questioned where i put the position of illegal immigration. >> not nitpicking you. [ laughter ] no, that's a very important issue, that's not picking them. nitpicking donald trump's position on planned parenthood pointing out that planned parenthood does other things. but trump has been busy making $11 billion. he hasn't been following all the different ways planned parenthood and the pro-abortion types figure out to get restriction on abortion and had totally the right answer in under 24 hours. and it was beautiful. if they're still performing abortions, i wouldn't give them money. that pails in comparison to the most important issue, i trust
7:21 pm
how americans will vote, i want to make sure it's americans voting and not outvoted by foreigners, that's why immigration is an issue and i'm sure all the other issues will work themselves out as long as we control immigration. lou: his views, he was straightforward as he can be. he's pro-life. >> and guns. and quite believably. lou: he supports gay marriage, his preference is that it be a state's right. the supreme court has don't deciding. he has been -- >> i didn't say him say he supports gay marriage. lou: if you listened. >> what he said is he wants the states to decide. lou: it's been decided and decided by the supreme court. >> that's a fact. lou: and that's a fact. therefore, we turn to obamacare, the only other open subject really among the so-called wedge issues, he wants it repealed. he couldn't be more straightforward. that in and of itself is refreshing, don't you think? >> i thought his answer was
7:22 pm
fantastic at the debate the other night. he goes straight to the heart of the matter. he understands because he is a businessman, and the fact they think it was rand paul didn't understand what he was saying suggesting to me that some of the politicians are spending too much time reading policy papers and don't understand how these things work in the real world. donald trump has it exactly right. the problem is you can't buy insurance across state lines. lou: ann coulter, we're going to be talking in-depth with you later in the broadcast. thanks for giving us your instant take on donald trump. thank you. >> thank you. lou: the state department accused of stiff-arming an intelligence watchdog over hillary clinton's e-mails. clinton's private personal server and thumb drives now in the possession of the fbi, but the intelligence community's inspector general was rebuffed by the state department, requesting 30,000 clinton
7:23 pm
e-mails for its own review, now the scandal-plagued democratic party and this candidate are in some considerable, difficult political trouble. a new poll from franklin pierce boston herald shows bernie sanders 7 points ahead of hillary clinton. joining us former reagan political director fox news analyst ed rollins and want to add an honorarium to your title that people don't know, also campaign manager for a fellow by the name of ross perot, circa 1992. good to have you here. >> thank you, eight week adventure. lou: a very impressive one, look at votes he got. >> he gots the vote himself. he went and connected with a lot of americans and that's what this guy is doing right now. lou: you watched donald trump, your thoughts? >> very good interview. he's a great communicator. i think as you did, you put him right to the litmus test what
7:24 pm
the republican party is about. i wish he would basically settle this issue and not make people nervous about that i'm going run as a republican. the way to beat hillary clinton is as a republican nominee and eliminate the heart burn republicans are having. lou: eliminate the heart burn, that was subtle trump, if you will. >> it is. lou: because he said as long as he's treated well he's going to be responding well. >> he will be treated well for the simple fact he's leading the pack. lou: he has huge leverage. >> the party at this point in time needs someone to carry the ball forward and once again is not big, serious issues, and i wish he would get that out of the way then we could march forward. lou: marching forward certainly is carly fiorina, doing well in the polls. governor walker. jeb bush, somewhat quiescent here, doesn't seem to be holding strong as one imagined
7:25 pm
early in his candidacy. dr. ben carson, he moved up. john kasich, governor kasich of ohio. >> people with passion, people with resumes, people with passion that are obviously great communicators. whoever wins this field, and i think it's a very strong field is going to beat a very strong candidate in the fall and will beat hillary clinton if she's the nominee. she may not be the nominee the way things are going. and i think one of the things we missed is we've looked at the resumes of people who have been governors, senators, got elected, what have you, and what i think is occurring, what trump has done is putting a spotlight on it. people said i don't care if he's been a governor or senator, he's part of the problem. that's what he's tapping into. whether he can sustain that the whole campaign or not, or gets isolated. we'll see. if he moves forward, he's going to whip a good group of people. lou: to support what you said,
7:26 pm
three people are moving in the most recent polls, they're not determined by any stretch of the imagination. but three people who are not professional politicians, and they're carly fiorina, dr. ben carson and donald trump, all three with momentum. >> the three. the three. that's the amazing thing to me is carson has a very powerful story. you bit down and reading his resume, great, i'll have him for my doctor, not sure president. in the stage, he performed in a way that made people sincere and caring about him. carly came off the deck in california where she lost and most california republicans would lose too. lou: look at ted cruz, too. >> and conservatives, i consider trump a conservative, doing extremely well, and the perceived moderates who get nominated in the party are not doing well. to a certain extent, you can't underestimate the front group, and there's a long ways to go but the early things and the 24 million people that tuned in
7:27 pm
the other night shows extraordinary interest in this race. lou: was that not the best dog gone debate. >> i've been around 50 years and seen a lot of debates. lou: raised a lot of dust. >> and people were talk about it the next day. i've been around a lot of debates, so have you. people say he won, he lost, it was boring. nobody said this was boring. lou: i want to see how the next network, is that cnn? >> cnn at the reagan. lou: i'd like to see how they're going to do with that. i'd rather roger ailes bond the debate away from them. >> i wish roger ailes would buy cnn and merge it or eliminate it. lou: i think we both better stay out of consulting business. ed rollins, thank you so much. vote in tonight's poll --
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not whether you like him better or don't like him, whether or not you feel like you understand him better. breaking news, two massive explosions rocking tianjin, a chinese city south of beijing near the nation's capital. chinese state media reporting these explosions before midnight at a warehouse used to store what chinese media would only call dangerous goods. that's the [ laughter ] >> how do you say very dangerous goods in chinese? the explosions felt six miles away, at least 13 people were killed in the explosions. dozens are missing at this hour. we're told hundreds of people have been taken to nearby hospitals. tianjin is a major port and industrial area just southeast of beijing, home to 7.5 million people. we're coming right back. stay with us, much more straight ahead. president obama fighting a
7:29 pm
regime in syria supported by iran, and at the same time, aligning his policies more with iran than with israel, egypt and saudi arabia. what is going on in the middle east? former army vice chief of staff and fox news military analyst general jack keane joins me here next. and there are no shortage of daredevils nor ways to do stunts. a life-and-death stunt on a slack line, we'll be much more with that and much, much more. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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. lou: the main news tonight, donald trump telling me here moments ago that obamacare doesn't work, that he would defund planned parenthood. trump also detailing the lack of political will and real leadership from this administration on the issue of illegal immigration. he also says that he would hit the islamic state and its source of funding hard, its oil. ann coulter, the best-selling author will be here to discuss all of those issues and i suspect primarily illegal immigration when we continue with her. it looks like federal judge richard berman in the tom brady case is every bit as tough as his reputation, the judge demanding facts and evidence from the nfl. the judge questioning the lack,
7:34 pm
the lack of evidence implicating brady in the deflategate case, and whether the nfl's wells report was truly as independent as the nfl and roger goodell have claimed? and a big test for american trained iraqi forces as they take on the islamic state. those iraqi troops are preparing to recapture the city of ramadi that fell to the islamic state three months ago. joining me now former army vice chief of staff, fox news military analyst general jack keane. general, good to have you with us. ramadi, is this time, is it a go, and will they succeed? >> well, it's likely they will. they will not be the only forces, the ones that you referenced, a portion of who have been trained by the united states. the problem is they only train several thousands about, you what we need them to train is tens of thousands but never put the resources in there to do that. second, a large part of the force that will go back to
7:35 pm
ramadi will be the shia mobilization units. some of which are backed by the iranians and also some sunni travel forces and they're indigenous of the local area, the forces attempt to take back ramadi. lou: now the u.s. flying sorties against the islamic state but from air bases in turkey. what do you make of that and is it certainly noteworthy? is it also a turning point in the conflict? >> it's not a turning point, lou, because there's just not enough resources being applied to the problem in syria. air power is one thing, it has not stopped the expansion of the islamic state into syria, but certainly does help, and it will enable our air operations to move from a base that's much closer to where the actual conflict is and some of the other bases we've been using, and i'm hoping that it leads to
7:36 pm
other things that are positive in syria. it remains to be seen whether the united states and turkey can come together and do more together than just this. lou: i want to share with the audience general odiano, the chief of staff of the army, i'm told we don't have the sound. i want to apologize for that, but he said russia is the most dangerous threat to the united states right now. he talked about sophisticated new demonstrations by russian forces in eastern ukraine. what do you make of his statement, and what should be the u.s. military and geopolitical response? >> yeah, i think what's got a number of our military leaders aroused about russia and what they're doing and others who may be a lot closer than some of our people in the united states is the fact that one, putin is very determined to reorder the political situation in eastern and southeastern
7:37 pm
europe to his favor. two, he has charged his military with conducting major military exercises and this has been going on now for 2+ years, and large in scale, and they're meaningful in the sense they are focused scenarios dealing with the baltics in particular and quite alarming to anybody looking at that. these exercises, they play in the exercises the use of tactical nuclear weapons. so all of this certainly, for the people that watch every day in nato got them aroused and nato is conducting major exercises, we haven't seen exercises like this -- >> is nato responding, though? we're talking about tactical nuclear weapons in exercises, there could be a clear signal to the nato nations of what is in prospect here, if a conflict does ensue, there could? >> well, i think the way the military always looks at it is you look at people's capability
7:38 pm
us and adjust accordingly and try not to measure intentions because it's hard to get a grip on it. our military nato is certainly doing that. we haven't seen these exercises since the days of the cold war. doesn't mean we're going to war, but certainly means the stakes have risen, people are concerned about it and putin is a master at psychological warfare and intimidation and uses every resource in his kit bag to gain that leverage over nato and the united states specifically. lou: you know what strikes me as we wrap up, general? is he's also a master at something that our president isn't. he knows when to stay quiet. and he has been quiescent for quite some time, despite all of the exercises of his military whether conducted in joint exercises with other nations, whether it is unilateral as in eastern europe.
7:39 pm
quite something to ponder. general, always good to have you with us. general jack keane. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- we'd like to hear from you on that, cast your vote at a daredevil risking his life in a death defying stunned 900 feet in the air. he's called a slackliner, the word hardly makes sense, until you realize it's a slackline he's bouncing around on. traversing a slackline more than 200 feet long between cliffs and british columbia. the daredevil losing his balance a number of times but fortunately he recovered in time and finished his stont and in so doing set a new world record. that's a world record that's worth not having, but congratulations to him, nonetheless.
7:40 pm
a lot of courage and ability. a drone photographer learning a lesson about flying too close to birds. a wedge tailed eagle coming face-to-face with a drone in australia. take that! the eagle suffered no injury in the impact using talons to tear the drone to pieces out of the sky! the drone required a number of repairs, we're told it was able to fly again. the eagle is waiting. up next, ann coulter will be talking about donald trump, the 2016 presidential race, both parties, whether she thinks trump, hillary, whoever, will prevail in the darwinian process, that is primary season. and we're going to show you this, no ordinary shark, a mere 20 feet long. what experts say makes this one so special? that sucker doesn't have to be special, does he? that's scary! we're coming right back.
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7:45 pm
it is not clear where the cancer originated or spread. he's 90 years old. he says in his statement he will be rearranging his schedule to undergo treatment by physicians at emory health care. president carter said a complete public statement will be made when facts are known perhaps as early as next week. back with us political commentator, syndicated columnist ann coulter, latest book "adios, america" the polls show trump -- >> killing. lou: he's doing exactly that. seeing governor walker, john kasich, ted cruz, people starting to huddle and create a top-tier. is he going to be able to maintain this position in your judgment, in a significant -- with a significant lead? >> well, the ones you mentioned as huddleings in the top are huddling at the bottom of the
7:46 pm
top tier. it's amazing what trump is doing in the polls, it is not to be discounted. i keep seeing people say on tv, oh, well, this point and other elections howard dean was winning or herman cain. lou: safe to say when that's not their candidate at the time. >> i looked it up, i vaguely remembered something like that. and very early on, two years before an election, before anyone announced, there are wild card candidates, once candidates have announced, polls are totally meaningful. they may not pan out. do not pooh-pooh the polls, and i looked before the 2012 election to see what polls and when was herman cain and michele bachmann and the rest, it would be one tiny straw poll and everyone was so excited because romney, dominating on all the polls was losing one tiny straw poll of republican leaders in iowa, for example. cain did it in florida.
7:47 pm
it is not an issue because of immigration, not straight talk. if it was straight talk, chris christie would be at the top, john mccain would be at the top. lou: what did you think of chris christie getting into it with rand paul? by the way, donald trump saying today after rand paul insulted him again, you know, it's what the people do in the consumer product business. whoever the leader is, that's the one everyone else goes after, and wants them to take notice. >> that's true, but another thing they do. lou: but anyway -- >> you look at leader and you imitate them. imitate him, republicans. they won't! >> donald trump said, this is worth me finishing, i assure you, he's had it up to here, i thought that was interesting with rand paul. >> man, he has good insults! >> so, as we watch this, everyone is trying to -- not everyone, but nearly every candidate is trying to insult him to get his notice so they
7:48 pm
can put their name out there. i think he's being more judicious in the way they respond. >> they're doing that to get the donor money. we really are seeing with trump a separation of the mice from the men here. it is immigration. republicans have refused to respond to voters as have democrats, i might add on the burning hatred of immigration in this country. trump comes along and does it. the other thing you do when a product is ahead, you imitate the iphone, you imitate a late-night tv show. why won't they imitate them? why? because they are controlled by the big donors, that is obvious to the people on immigration. >> i hesitate to think about having a field of billionaires who are beholden to no one. >> say what the voters want. lou: bernie sanders. >> but they won't. lou: i want to turn quickly to bernie sanders and clinton. senator sanders is now ahead in new hampshire.
7:49 pm
she is not ahead in a caucus state or early primary state. that's got to be -- they've got to be going nuts at the campaign headquarters. >> well, i wish fox news would go a little easier on hillary clinton. she's the one we want to run against. could you guys back off? i feel like i'm running through this, i feel like this is deja vu again. we used to say the next president isn't going to be a guy named barack hussein obama. lou: i respect your opinion in many areas of politics and others, we are beholden to inform our audience when former secretary of state is accused of sending top secret e-mails. >> it doesn't have to lead the news. we love hillary, she's a terrible candidate, i want donald trump running against hillary. lou: there you heard it from ann coulter herself. thanks for being here. appreciate it. stocks recovered from a
7:50 pm
sharp loss early in the day, a second day of devaluation by our friends the chinese. the dow ended up a fraction, hard way to say, that up off a fraction, off a fraction at the close. volume on the big board, 4.2 billion shares, heavy trading indeed, a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. move over jaws, new footage shows a rare 20-foot-long great white shark weighing about 5,000 pounds swimming off mexico's guadalupe island. that would be sufficient reason to stay away from guadalupe island's waters. this is a massive female predator. researchers named it deep blue. it is believed to be 50 years old, and, are you ready for this? it is pregnant. that doesn't stop this brave diver from leaving his protective steel cage to get a closer look.
7:51 pm
apparently not planning on making it to 50. researchers believe deep blue is the biggest shark ever recorded on video. so there. you've seen it. up next, environmental groups at war with the epa. the epa caused this enormous toxic chemical spill, three times larger than the epa first admitted by the way, and perhaps far more dangerous. the co-host of red eye former misnew york usa joanne nosuchinsky and editor in chief for the action force, john da vore, they join us next. stay with us.
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? lou: joining us now a team, joanne, and john good to have you both. >> thank you. >> donald trump has compared -- well he keeps whining and chinainwhininguntil he wins, dok of him as a whiner? >> when he described hip self hn civil that way, i see it, he has the millennial vote. millennials love to whine. we expect things to be handed to
7:56 pm
us. lou: that giv differs himself m rest of candidates. >> and he compared himself to reagan. >> yes. i have been obsessed with reagan for my life. reagan you know he was a seasoned politician. two terms of governor, in charge of actor's union. a very vocal long-term voice in the political movement. i don't know if he is quite the politician reagan was. lou: do you see him changing the atmosphere. political correctness, it seems to me, i think he is
7:57 pm
contributing to the demise of political correctness, in the national media. >> at least not caving to it, not apologizing that is what people love, he is not apologizing for anything he says, you don't want a leader who is weak and will cave to other leaders and apologize. >> he you know, in the debate, he seems powerful that is compelling. i get it. if i was a conservative, you know i get the attractiveness of a candidate who feels he has courage of his convictions. he really does. lou: hillary clinton on left side of the perspective. e-mails? on her private server, official business pop secret, did you not apologize, denies everything. is this something to report. >> e-mail scandal as a premise she was doing something
7:58 pm
dishonest or criminal -- i don't buy, i concede this controversy feeds into a bigger narrative of secrecy of you know, in a narrative that has been around for decade she is hiding something. and i think for a lot of my liberal friends, especially those attracted to bernie sanders that affects them too. >> she is either lying or incompetent or both. regardless, you don't want that in the white house do you, john? >> i do. that is premature, i like the bernie. lou: i like that like the bernie. >> bernie has a little bit of what trump has, a feel he is talking off the cuff to me directly no script.
7:59 pm
lou: getting considerable response. no crowd today in courtroom for deflate gate. >> you need evidence to prove guilt. >> maybe he is a patriots fan. lou: judge in case said, wait, brady completed these passes in second half, when there was no alleged deflation, and all of these incom income leagues in fe half. >> thank you. i know i want to wish you well you fight out that battle between bernie sanders and
8:00 pm
hillary clinton. thank you for being with us, good night from new york city. ♪ kennedy: well hello to you, and welcome from a political circus to a probably criminal probe. i watch, i marvel at hillary clinton out standing ability to marry after bis am -- am bishtis good at playing victim but sympathy runs low when you chopped off your own arm, justice department has an opportunity to take this case away from political circus, to see if wore on the verge of


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